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Operatic Voice/Vocal Coaching & Consulting of Madama Butterfly in Authentic Style of Interpretation: Authentic Japanese style of Movement, Dancing, Costume Design, Geisha Makeup & Hair Design as well as Puccinian Vocal Expression


Ms. Lim has trained the skills as a genuine Butterfly with Ms. Keiko Nakamura who was a Head-Mistress of Geisha School in Japan and a consultant for many renowned sopranos who prepared the title role of Madama Butterfly in the United States and in Europe, with her experience and great knowledge of arts in Geisha. Ms. Nakamura insisted that Geishas are highly educated entertainers of arts. Her teaching includes Japanese Geisha’s body movement, style of dancing,  makeup & hair design and wardrobe of Kimono.


Also, Ms. Lim was coached by a Japanese actor, Mr. Kenzuki Haga  who was an Assistant to Professor Benito Ortolani of the Brooklyn College of Drama, for the mannerism of Japanese women in that period of turn of the century. Professor Ortolani who spent over seven years in Japan to master the language and Japanese culture and drama, directed the Brooklyn Opera Society’s Butterfly that was Ms. Lim’s operatic debut as Butterfly and filmed for the National Educational Television Network which was aired on local PBS stations in the New York Metropolitan Area.




“Singing is rejuvenating in mind and body. We need to train our mind to be able to see our vocal instrument, how to use it properly and control our vocal body physiologically, in order to produce a healthy sound with clarity. As a result of healthy singing, we will regenerate our energy and feel free with joy of singing!” The great words and teaching from late Louise Caselotti who coached Diva Maria Callas in her early stage of her career in New York, coached Ms. Lim over years with her solid vocal technique which was a life-long gift to be shared with many gifted young opera singers now days.




As a Guest Artist, she was invited to give her recitals and to conduct the Master Classes for voice students at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio and Porto Alegre Music College, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


As a Voice/Vocal Coach, Ms. Lim has been working with young and talented singers in New York City, especially for sopranos who are preparing the title role of Madama Butterfly, vocally as well as authentic style of interpretation in movement, dancing, costume design, Geisha makeup and hair style design.

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